How should I layout the page for my patterns?

Here is my dilemma, I began designing and selling crochet patterns about a year ago… And now… it is getting to the point where I have quite a few patterns and thus a lot of scrolling:

I think the best way to cut down on scrolling and organize would be to have maybe a 150x150 pixel photo of each pattern with the shopping cart and basic info about the pattern on the mail page with a link to that particular patterns own page with larger and more pictures and more information.

I think I will divide up the patterns on the page also by categories (baby, toddlers, hats/scarves, afghans) etc. But I do not know how the best way to do this is?

I liked having the big 250x250 pizel of 3 pics of each pattern to grab the viewer’s interest and if they are too small, they may not purchase. At the same time, I dont want them to have too many clicks because then too they may leave and not purchase. I thought about putting a rotating image on top of my best patterns to capture their interest…

Now organizing that page if I divide into categories I am not sure the best layout… should I make some tables with each table row having 2 cells with 1 pattern in each? or 3 patterns in each etc?

I want to keep the peaceful and elegant feel of my site but also making it look professional. I too a beginner at html so my code is probably horrid… but the output so far I think looks great… So I can’t yet do anything too intricate with html code… but I am learning and learning fast!

Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks :slight_smile: ~ Lisa

Yeah. I would probably either make each of the 3 pics thumbnails (150x150 wouldnt be bad) and have them clickable to view a full size image. If your going to go this route, i’d suggest maybe decreasing the font ever so slightly as well…theres a decent amount of text there so that will make a big difference.

Or, like you said, you can organize them into categories. You might be right about some categories might not get clicked on, but it will be more streamlined.

If it were me, and you weren’t planning on adding a huge amount of new products soon…i’d go with decreasing the image and text size…but if you know your going to be adding abunch in the near future…i’d take a good look at categorizing the products.

Hope that helps. Good job on your html.