How safe is Dreamhost?

In recent media reports about the closure if an Austrian Nazi-site hosted at Dreamhmost it was mentioned, that the site was hacked by Austrian police.
Furthermore a spokesperson of the public prosecutor in Vienna said that they got access codes (I guess either ftp od wp login data?) to the site from Dreamhost staff.

Is that true?

If so - how safe is Dreamhost?

I don’t know how much of that is true, but from my perspective, DreamHost is very safe provided that:

  1. Your site is secure (no vulnerabilities in your code)
  2. You’re not breaking any laws, otherwise DreamHost may let authorities have access to your site if subpoenaed.

Here’s a google translation of the article:
How could a subpoena be possible, since the only “crime” of the site seems to be free speech?

The translation is a bit tough to follow regarding DreamHost. Something about “closure…because they did not know.” My guess it’s about shutting down the site, possibly for inciting hate crimes, which I doubt is covered by the First Amendment. The article says they didn’t get full access to the site, and their hack was via access codes which could mean that the authorities got someone’s user ID and password.

Not being privy to DreamHost internal workings, I don’t know the truth behind the access and shutdown.