How reliable is DreamHost?

I’ve been very happy with my local webhosting company. I have several sites there which need zero attention unless I upgrade WordPress and need to check out the outcome for a few minutes.

But now, for Google purpose, I need a US-based hosting company for the English language base of our business.

Got interested in Dreamhost because they seem to offer a VPS add-on one can increase when traffic demands it without migrating the websites. Intellectually, this seems the best way to go.

However, went through the forum and noticed some clients got 12 or 14 hours of outage without their questions being replied to. Is this DreamHost normal procedure? Should these people have asked support rather than forum assistance?

Also noticed that Dreamhost seems to suffer problems on one or more servers every day and that these outages last for a good couple of hours.
Is this the norm for US hosting? How do you, as a client, put up with this?

In a word — yes and yes. The discussion forum isn’t monitored around the clock, and is primarily intended for discussion, not support. Our support queue is staffed 24/7, and urgent questions should be asked there rather than here.

Dreamhost has been very reliable for me in the 5 years I’ve been here. There have been some outages, crashes, and other situations but they are always on top of it. The ticket-based support system has been very effective for me. I usually go there for actual DH problems, and come to the forums when I want additional insight and perspective from fellow customers on any range of issues.

I’ve been with Dreamhost for only 6 months but I would say I’ve been disappointed so far.

I’ve had numerous but short periods of downtime (maybe 10 a month for an average of 20-40 minutes). But the frustrating thing is they are unclear, unable and unwilling about the cause(s). They advise to upgrade RAM but not by how much.

I’ve had experience with one other host which was cheaper and shared so I was expecting more from a more expensive VPS host that came with good recommendations.

I am in Europe and the performance is a little bit slow for webapplication. That is the only negative point I have otherwise it is ok

Yah… some degree of slowness in Europe is tough to avoid. We’re in Los Angeles, on the west coast of the US, and getting data between here and there just takes a little extra time! You can often speed things up by making sure your site allows a user’s browser to cache images, stylesheets, and JavaScript, though.