How often does DH Backup servers


DH says they routinely back up the server.
How often?
I’ve learned that you can not rely on their BU.


Dunno, but I wouldn’t rely on it. Use your 50 GB and keep your own backup, as well as a local copy. And burn a copy to DVD and send it to Aunt Matilda once a month.


Never rely on any web host to back up your stuff.


After one of their servers died and they restored it the backup apears to be about 1.5 months old.

Basically that is the same as not backing up at all.


If they were wiped out by an act of god that’s also the same thing as not backing up at all if you were relying on them.

keeping current offsite backups is the your job.


Just to compare with another host, Gandi says

[quote]Why choose Gandi for your hosting service?
Automatic backups
Archive and secure your data

Our backup robot ‘GSync’ is a lightweight agent will constantly survey changes in the directories you want to save. You will regularly have one backup per day in an external disk.

Next, in function with your configuration, it will save previous versions. By default, easily modifiable, you will have a permanent version of your data available, the three versions dated by three hours, three versions a day and two dated versions per month.

The use of our robot is not mandatory: you can choose to use another system if you prefer.[/quote]

Now, I’m not saying that Gandi is better than Dreamhost. It is, for one thing, slightly more expensive. But only slightly.

What I’m saying is that there is a worthwhile discussion to be had about this subject.

So if you simply assert that backups are not the responsibility of the hosting company, my question is “Why not?”

I think that one hosting company may validly choose to make backups its responsibility, and another hosting company may equally validly choose not to do so.

I would appreciate it if we could get a clear answer as to where Dreamhost stands on this question.



is the wiki page clear enough for you

it should also noted that no-where in the terms of service does Dreamhost claim the responsibility for backups.

If you want more services, go with a managed host at a higher cost.


Well, the dreamhost wiki is (I believe) a customer-maintained collaborative enterprise, and it is very good and useful, but it is not the place to go to for questions like this.

Also, I am not looking for guarantees, I think they are basically meaningless.

What I am looking for is a statement from Dreamhost something like the following

(this is just a for-example)

The word ‘usually’ is deliberately vague, and that’s fine. What we need, in order to make informed decisions about balancing risks, is good information about what a host is trying to do, and what its general track record of success is.

We don’t (I think) have either of those pieces of information, with regard to Dreamhost.

We get customers saying “Dreamhost backed up my site with month-and-a-half-old data”, and nobody clarifies whether this is exceptional, or normal.



So… you think an open discussion forum where anyone can sign up and reply is a better forum to seek an answer? Why not ask DreamHost?


Discussing it here is a good way to take the temperature of customer experience ~ which is an important part of the process.

Also, Dreamhost people do occasionally comment here, when they see that there is a rising groundswell of customer opinion calling for a reply, and that works better for everyone than if individual customers put in separate tickets and get private replies.



[quote=“LakeRat, post:7, topic:57388”]is the wiki page clear enough for you

it should also noted that no-where in the terms of service does Dreamhost claim the responsibility for backups.[/quote]


There is a HUGE difference between saying “we are not finacially responsible if something you care about does get back up when you needed it”, and saying “your data may or may not be be backed up or available”. The latter leaves room for, “never”, almost never, “whenever we feel like it”.

The value that DH provides in exchange for what we pay for the service should include some reasonable indication of the state of the data stored on the servers. Otherwise why would any company entrust their data on DH server if the risks are unknown.

To someones point who commented, right, never rely on a hosting company to backup your data. That practice is best and should be employed regardless of the policy of the hosting company. HOWEVER, that does not mean a hosting company should not use reasonable effort and care with the data that its customers puts on their servers. Further, my own personal protective practices does not reduce DH responsibility to its customers to fully understsand what it is paying for.