How much was I getting before?

How much has dreamhost upgraded since July?

I know I didn’t sign up for 20gigs of this, a terabyte of that, I’m just curios now.

Good question! Now that you mention it, I have no idea of the original specs of any plans I’ve had with them over the years. The good news is that it’s good news! :smiley: I’ve had plans at other hosts where I never forgot the specs… because they never changed/improved.

I’m sure they have a precise timeline of all changes, pricing, features, sale dates, increases, etc… but I don’t know of it being public info.

That would definitely be interesting info to see, since it makes them look good for staying competitive instead of just slacking off. Unless of course they’re stealing other features as they add new ones, knowing that we’re not paying attention. Bastards! :slight_smile:

They could also post a timeline of company changes, to show that there was once a day when the honchos only had 2 or 3 mansions each and had to work overtime to cover both Ferrari payments. ;o)

I don’t remember what happened when, but if you signed up in July, you probably didn’t already have unlimited domains/sub-domains, did you? There were probably a few more upgrades/features added since then, but I don’t remember which.

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If you signed up for a Crazy Domain Insane plan in July 2005 you had 2400 MB storage, 120 GB bandwidth and maximum 3 domains.

DreamHost doubled disk storage in the beginning of September, gave you unlimited domains in October and quadrupled storage and octupled bandwidth in the beginning of 2006.

More info in my blog post DreamHost Year in Review from New Year.

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