How much VPS memory is left over?

I have a couple questions about the VPS offerings here on DreamHost. If I went with a VPS with 300MB, how much memory would be available by default? As in, does the control panel take up any of this memory allotments? How much memory is left over with the usual services running (like Apache)?


I am not an expert in this field, but I think (somebody correct me if this is in error):

-the control panel is not part of your VPS. The control panel runs on DreamHosts webserver where they run their own website, forum and such
-how much does it take to run apache? not much… it is when you start adding Wordpress, certain plugins, joomla, web-apps, owncloud, etc that things start taking up all that RAM.
so, a minimal website with some html pages would probably use a fraction of your memory, while a WordPress site with 20 plugins installed and running WooCommerce would use almost all of the 300mb…and more if a lot of traffic!

Hello! Sierracircle’s information is accurate. The web panel doesn’t take any RAM from your VPS. And just starting out, apache/ftp/postfix and other server-side processes that run to maintain your hosting only takes up to 100MB, if that (probably a lot less, actually).