How much traffic can it handle?

Hi I was curious as to how much traffic the Dreamhost plans can handle?
If anyone knows the difference between the shared, the VPS and the dedicated plans?

I hear the shared can actually handle more than the cheap VPS plan, is this true?

By traffic I mean how many simultaneous users can it handle with minimal slowing down of the site.


I thought I should add that my site is just going to a run IPB (forum software) and maybe a wordpress homepage.

I would like to upgrade to :
guaranteed memory: 1GB
which is better ? to go with VPS ? or dedicated server ? which provider do u recommend ? how much am I expected to pay for my required setup ? what about CPU ?

That depends a lot on the efficiency of your code. A well written web app can fly with a crazy amount of traffic. where as a bad one will die an ugly death on a VPS.

It’s less the traffic it can handle and more the memory and CPU you suck up.

That makes sense.

In regards to the shared hosting, which do you think is better? a 300mb VPS or the shared hosting? or 600mb?

I know that shared can get pushed to use quite a lot of resources, but they will just throttle you / tell you to move to a VPS. Is the capibility of the 300mb / 600mb VPS above this threshold?

Your processes will get killed when your total memory use starts to rise above 90MB.

It really depends on the site and how much resources you end up using. As bobocat said, at 90mb memory, we start poking you to be a better neighbor. The VPS and Dedi boxes don’t have the same limit, but if you go above the limit you DO have (which you can tweak somewhat with a slider), then you get emails saying you’re getting a bit big for your britches.

Rarely is a website set-it-and-forget-it. It needs a lot of care and nurturing and attention.

Start on shared. If you outgrow it move somewhere else.

I’ve cranked past my 300mb limit (test server for coding) while installing something on my VPS.

It doesn’t just email you saying “hey nub you’re using a lot of resources” it also completely reboots the server. I found this to be rather obnoxious and a PAIN in the butt.

That’s different :slight_smile: I was referring to the mails when you get really close, but don’t need a reboot. But yes, if you go past your memory allocation and it’s going to crash your site, it will reboot, and yes, that’s a monumental PITA when you’re installing!

Hi - can someone explain the difference (if there is one) between bandwidth and processing RAM? Yesterday DH throttled my site and crashed it saying that it thought a process was using too much power, yet I have very little traffic to the site and the total bandwidth usage was only about 16MB. A comment above says you only get throttled if you use above 90MB processing, so why am I being hit when I am way below that figure for the whole day?

Maybe start a new thread?