How much traffic are you able to handle using Dreamhost shared hosting?

hi all,
I am new to dreamhost. So far so good. I am building my site right now.
It is a PHP/mysql website. I am on the way to my launch.

I am curious to know how much traffic everyone else is able to handle using Dreamhost shared hosting.

I know this is a very vague question. Performance depends on various things.

If you are willing you can tell me the following

1)How many users does your website have?
2)How many concurrent users is your website able to handle at any given time
3)how many unique page views you are able to server every day/month
4)If your site was throttled anytime when was that done i.e like pageviews

I’ve seen a well coded PHP site with efficient caching successfully serve over 1 million hits in a single day on DreamHost shared.