How much time its takes to get a PLAN L1


I recently bought the L1 Plan from DreamHost

I got the confirmation email on payment made and also waiting for my account to get approved.

I just wanted to know how much time will it take for the plan to start.
I furthered my domain’s one year extension.
Just wanted to know when will my plan be started so that I can add more domains to the host tilll my domain gets trasfered.

How to trasfer the domain…can i know


This question is asked a couple of times a week.

Approval times vary quite a bit, some accounts are approved almost immediately, while others get flagged for manual approval and can take a few days. I think this is (at least partly) because of DreamHost’s internal fraud detection system.

Once your account is approved and functional, you can transfer your domain(s) over to DreamHost by changing the DNS settings on the domains to;

You can then use the Web Panel function to transfer the Domain(s) to DreamHost.


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If you order at the end of the week it can take longer as they have less or no staff handling the accounting on weekends.


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I think it depends on the urgency of your support ticket classification. I purchased this same plan on a Sat night. Sunday morning, it still said pending so I opened a support ticket asking what was going on…but I didnt select Billing category, I selected the Site down, emergency, etc category…it was up and running within 30 minutes :slight_smile: Support manually approved it and got it online. And that was on a Sunday.