How much time it will take

to give me the details about the site and the domain?
i alerady paid tnx.

What did you buy, a domain registration, or full hosting? For either, your account will still say “Pending” until your payment clears, and then you can go into the panel and start doing your work.

p.s. We’re just customers here, so we have no insight into your account. You’d have to use the panel to contact Dreamhost support for official answers.


i buy hosting
and i shuold get a domain with it
but i dont know what to do now… how much time it will usally take to the accunt to not be pending approval.

Approval time varies. If you’re outside the US and/or used Google Checkout, it’ll take 3-5 business days, and sometimes longer. Sometimes shorter. Monday was a holiday, so it could even take until next Monday.

Once it’s cleared, then you’ll get your free domain registration.


5 bussins day :confused:
so why they write
"If you’ve already made payment your account should be activated within one business day."

The key word there is [i]should[/i]. That means it can take longer, but in most cases it should be done in 1 day.

I’m based in Hong Kong and my account was activated within hours of paying by credit card. If you pay by other means it can take some time between your payment and them receiving it or being able to confirm that they received it.

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In those good old days, account was approved pretty fast. Due to the increase credit card fraud rate, it takes longer and longer time to clear payment. What to do :frowning:

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Mine wasn’t that long ago though - it was only Dec 2007. Depending on your credit card it can go through in minutes.

If you used an alternative method though it can take even longer. Never used Google Checkout personally but with PayPal for example I’ve sometimes made a payment and had confirmation from the supplier right away whilst in other instances it has taken over a week just for the supplier to get the money…

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Same here with all my friends and relatives that I’ve managed to sign up here - all used U.S. credit or debit cards and were approved and activated in minutes.

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