How much PHP application memory?


How much PHP memory does Dreamhost offer?

An organization I work for is consdiering doing a manual (non-one-click) install of Drupal on their Dreamhost account. Unfortunately, I’m getting some pushback because our contracted web developer insists that we need in the neighborhood of 16MB or 32MB of application memory for Drupal to work properly, and was under the impression that Dreamhost only offers 8. I’ve been googling around for days, and found a lot of 3rd-party sites that talk about complicated procedures to raise the application limit on DH (and even one page on the DH wiki if I remember correctly) but no one saying exactly what the limit is. Even DH support wasn’t entirely clear on the point (though to be fair, our question was more about whether we’re allowed to try to raise the limit, rather than what the limit is; I didn’t think to ask what the limit was at the time). But then I found this forum post which implies that it’s much higher than 8.

Our problem is complicated by the fact that our current site uses PHP4 software. So we’re going to have to, all in one shot, upgrade to PHP5, try Drupal, and then panic if it doesn’t work since we won’t be able to downgrade back to PHP4.

So can anyone here give me a concrete answer? Do I get 8MB, 90MB, or somewhere in between? Links to official-looking DH pages backing up your answer would be a lovely bonus, but not necessary…



90MB. Default. Concrete.

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Running phpinfo() will show you all the default settings, such as the above mentioned 90M.



Scott: Running that in what context? And can I expect the result of that call to be the same now (while running PHP4) as it will be after we upgrade to PHP5?

Thanks, both of you.


Default memory_limit is 90M in both PHP4 and PHP5



This is a great thread about custom php.ini in the wiki.

From there you can change a few custom settings for php on your site.
I’ve got the php.ini application memory limit set to 96 because that’s what Drupal asks for.
Since it’s only 6 over the default, I figure it’s not such a big deal.


Yep. I actually took advantage of it a bit. I used it to add a few extensions to make it a bit more secure and turned off the ability to display errors.

Suhosin extension works great. :stuck_out_tongue:

On that token I did it without building my own binary but actually leveraging the fastcgi capability in the server itself and redirected the binary onto my own ini. Old fastcgi configs continue to work even though they setup new domains with it by default.

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