How much memory is allocated for a VPS shared MySQL server?

I’d like to know how much RAM is allocated for the shared VPS MySQL server? I’m considering switching to a non-shared VPS MySQL server but it can get pricey using a lot of memory. I was wondering what allocation is standard for my shared database server?


Shared MySQL servers are not VPS-based; individual customers are not guaranteed any amount of dedicated memory on these servers. The shared server as a whole typically has quite a bit of memory (for instance, our newer MySQL servers have 8 – 12 GB of memory), but this is shared amongst enough customers that the amount “per customer” is much lower than the minimum VPS size of 300 MB.

So if I set the VPS MySQL server to 300MB in size I should see better and no worse performance than using the shared database server is that correct?

My ‘average’ RAM usage during my 10 day trial is a steady 200MB according to Web Panel. When I try to lower the MySQL memory footprint to 300MB I get a message saying that the server is using over 900MB of memory. I can understand spikes but it’s hard for me to determine if I should go with a VPS MySQL server or not.

Yes, switching to even the minimum-size MySQL VPS (300 MB) will typically give you a considerable improvement in database performance. Aside from the extra memory, you also end up sharing the physical hardware with far fewer people on a MySQL VPS, so disk access can be much faster.

As far as reducing the RAM allocation, you may have to “force” the resize with a reboot. There’s some technical limitations in how we’re doing RAM resizing that sometimes prevent us from reducing memory usage on a VPS that’s using a lot of cached memory.