How much Memory and CPU


A user can use before he is forced to move to PS?

I moved to PS… After making my site efficient, I am using 1400 CPU seconds per day and on average 400MB of memory (most of which are used by sleeping processes that I don’t generate).

I am told that I cannot go back to regular reseller account…


No one is “forced” to move to PS. If you are using so much memory or CPU that your processes are negatively impacting other users on the server, you will have to do something - whether you move to PS, or a dedicated server somewhere. or whatever. is up to you.

Yeah, I know … I read all about it, and your perception of it, over on WHT. Meh.

I think DreamHost has been amazingly patient with you; most hosts would have already told you to take your business elsewhere if you persist in running your site(s) that are causing problems for other users on a shared server.

You should re-evaluate your business model, and what you expect to pay for hosting that stuff, and then make a business decision that makes sense for you. DreamHost is not the proper host for everybody and every kind of site, and DreamHost has told you (now they have told you repeatedly) that a PS is what your site demands … if you don’t want to do that, or believe them, or whatever, then it is probably time for you to move on. You may qualify for a refund if you are under 97 days. You may not be depending upon how you paid.




You are correct. I am wrong… Dreamhost do not has to host any of my site…

I was pushy because dreamhost reseller account is so good and I wanted it so much.

Even though I think they’re wrong technically because my sites didn’t use that much CPU and memory, they have a right to be wrong.

I am the one that do not have right to force them around.