How much is too much?

I have recently put up a ClipBucket script in hopes that it will take off one one of my domains. I know more than likely it shouldn’t get so popular. But how much is too much before a Private Server is necessary? I know Barker server is dwindling in the mere hundreds of Gigs left. I have a few other domains not pulling very many hits. Should equal less than 4 gigs of txfer a month on others. Maybe 100gigs of txfer+ a months if all goes well.

With regard to bandwidth, there is no such thing as too much… unlimited means exactly that! :slight_smile: .

The area in which you could have problems is with CPU/RAM usage, or possibly the maximum concurrent connections, as those do have limits on a shared server.

–DreamHost Tech Support

Well you shouldn’t have any problems if the site is getting less then 10-20k hits a day, I had an old phpnuke web site that pulled 5k hits a day on average which only used about 100-200 seconds of process time on the server a day, also if your serving static and dynamic content you can split the static content to a separate domain for static content only, like a downloads domain.

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