How many websites?

Ok so basically, I registered for the hosting package for one year and registered a free domain name.

Now I have another domain name with another registrar.

I want to build 2 websites using wordpress one click install on dreamhost using the one hosting plan.

I know I can install a wordpress blog for through Dreamhost, but I want to install a second blog for and change the NS records to point for the second blog.

Or can I only forward to the second wordpress blog?

You can host as many domains on your one account as you like :slight_smile:

Just goto Panel > Domains > Manage Domains and add to your account.

Setup WP, etc. then, from your other registrar, point at the DreamHost NameServers

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On top of that, to clarify, a Hosting Plan includes hosting for an unlimited number of domains/websites, mailboxes, FTP users, etc. About the only thing that’s limited is CPU load.


Thank you very much for the assist…