How many users share one shared hosting box

Im wondering how many users share the hosting box, because it costs 10 dollars a year to 100 dollars a year for a crazy domain sale account. Im wondering if they put as much people in one box. Im saying this because Im looking at other dreamhost domains, and they run pretty smoothly. While I ran my site (I paid 100 a year) its quite slow… Not that slow but takes time to load a page. No Databases just pure php pages with maybe one if/else structure. When I ran it at home or other hostings it was pretty quick…

Is it possible to change servers from leeloo to somewhere else?

That is only for “” it’s not for so there are defiantly more than 45 on that server.

Is your question how many sites or really how much performance is acceptable? It sounds like the latter so you might want to take some timings and then approach Dreamhost with objective data. They might move you to a server with more sites, but better performance…


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I agree performance is what matters.

Most of my sites are PHP/MySQL driven and I’m tending toward the idea that the MySQL server is the weak link. I have one site that is capable of .5s page render times (for a few days I was getting them) but many times drifts off into 2-5 second render times, with lovely periods (like right now) of 8-16 second render times. Meanwhile, static sites on the same server are quite snappy. ‘Flipper’ is my most problematic server - my database on it is not even busy. My forum is apparently on ‘Krakatoa’ these days and while somewhat busy, is never snappy any more, and varies in response time from passable to painful.

In both cases, the speed doesn’t seem to correlate to the activity on my sites. My most painful site (on flipper) is an organizational site that is very lightly used and I’m often the only one it (adding reference documents, tinkering with archives, etc.).