How many users in google apps for new domains?


I love to work with google apps. As far as I remember it offered us 50 free users. Is it true that if I want to use it for a new domain, I will be able to use only 9 or 10 users??? (for free)


Correct. Google has lowered the free usage limit to 10 users for all new Google Apps domains. (This change was Google’s decision, not ours.) Domains already set up with Google Apps retain the higher limits.


how sad… 9 users is very little :frowning: and the paid users aren’t cheap in google apps… 50 was great… well, I will then use traditional DH email system. Thx andrewf.


Noob question. I’m considering transfer a domain to host it here, so the question is: I still can use the Dreamhost webmail for ilimited e-mail accounts in parallel with Google Apps enabled?


Andre Villela


Not really — you can use Google Apps for a domain, or you can use DreamHost’s own mail system (including webmail), but there’s no way to use both at once.


I found that it is possible, but not reliable:


That’ll let you access the old email accounts after switching from DreamHost mail to Google Apps, but you won’t be able to receive mail at those addresses. Basically, all the incoming mail for your domain has to be delivered to either DreamHost or Google — you can’t split it up.


You are right, there’s no workaround. Thanks for enlightening me!