How many MySQL hostnames do I need?


I am moving Wordpress blog B from my old host to DreamHost, I already have one Wordpress blog A hosted here. I would like to do this using phpMyAdmin web interface.

In DreamHost at the MySQL Databases tab (in goodies), do I need to create a new hostname for each different website I import? Can I use a single MySQL hostname for 5 different databases/websites?

Thank you


You can use the same hostname if you want or you can just create new ones (if you want a similar hostname to the domain name you are using for instance). The hostnames will be interchangeable.


Anyone knows how to add new users to the database hostname? I am trying use a different username for each database by entering a new unique user in the “Create a new MySQL database” section, the database is created as normal without any errors but after that it does not show in phpMyAdmin.

If I add the same user I already have on the first blog then the database shows up.


beside your database in the mysql database section there is an option on the right to add a new user for that database. once you click on it there will be a drop down to pick either an existing user or to create a new user so you would put in the username you want and password. the username you create must be unique.


Thank you Ryo-ohki.


What are the pros and cons of using a single hostname for all databases vs unique hostnames for each database? What is the recommended method?


its purely aesthetic. some just like to have for projects at and for even though they are interchangeable. there really isn’t any difference. i usually use one hostname per each domain name that i have instead of new ones for each single database. i don’t create new hostnames for sub-domains, i just use the existing one for the main domain.


There’s no advantage to using multiple hostnames, so long as you can be sure that the domain that your hostname is under will stay registered.


Great, thanks to you both for the quick replies.