How many (inodes) in the shared plans?


I’m very interested in the shared hosting “unlimited plan” that you are offering.

I would like to know the (inode limit/file usage limit) you have for that plan? Is there a high limit that I should know about? Or is it unlimited?

What about the other plans like DreamPress? Do they have an (inode limit) too?

It’s very important for me to know this detail before I can sign up for your hosting package.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you

Rule of thumb is to keep it under 512k per user. You can create “unlimited” users on all plans if you require millions of files.

Keep in mind that Hosting Plans are for webhosting, not for file dumps or personal storage. You will be summarily kicked if you try to game the system.

Thanks for your response mate.

It seems like a great way trick to keep increasing the inodes in the hosting account.

However, if I do create a user for each website, is there a way for me to still access all the hosting directories/folders together from one single Dreamhost hosting account?

As for storage, I do realize that the hosting is not intended for solely storing, so it’s only for websites that keep growing, and adding new websites to them is that way I require no limit.

All users created under a panel account share a common group on the same server, so as long as files and directories are created correctly all users can access files and traverse directories across the account via symlinks, etc.

Edit/Add in each “sub” user shell on creation:

umask 022
. .bashrc

Thank you very much. That’s exactly what I needed to know.

You’ve been a great deal of help @sXi :slight_smile:

If you run into trouble with cross-user file addition/writing, try umask 002 (basically auto-chmod 775). I forget which one I used when proving it could be done here years ago.

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