How many domains would be too many?

If one is running Wordpress and each site is getting on 50-100 visitors a day on avg, how many sites could one conceivably run on a shared hosting account without running into problems?

For barebones WordPress, a ton. 100 visitors a day comes out to four visitors per hour (one for every fifteen minutes). That’s really low usage, so I wouldn’t be afraid to say 100 sites, which would come out to 7 visitors per minute. Hits-wise, that’s still really low.

But once you start adding plugins to WordPress, a heavily and/or improperly modded site can single-handedly overload the server.

Thanks a lot for the reply! Right now, I have about 50 domains hosted on my account, and prob 40 of those just have “for sale” templates on them (all using WordPress). Those that are for sale avg less than 2 visitors a day… The other 10 are like bedspreads( . ) us, and they get about 25-30 uniques per day. I do have a few plugins installed on the e-commerce sites, though.

I have quite a few more domains that I would like to run with, and the sites don’t seem to be slowing or anything, but I don’t want to crash the server…

It sounds like your sites are pretty static, in which case activating WP Super Cache would really keep the load down.


Thanks again for the advice. I have been installing WP Super Cache on my newer sites now go back and put it on the older ones too.