How long will my account be "pending approval"?

Just signed up for a hosting account, as I’m thoroughly sick of my current host – too many outages, not enough support. However, it’s been well over three hours, and still my account is “pending approval” – what do they have to do? I paid for a full year, my domain won’t be forwarded until I can grab everything I need from my old site; is that why it’s waiting? Because I’d really like to get as much set up now as I can, so that everything is ready for my content once I can get my database from the old site.


Give DH a full 24 hours. If nothing has changed after that, send them a support email. They have a lot of customers right now and are in the middle of a few hardware upgrades.

Good to know – thanks for your quick reply!

My domain registered within five hours.

While the times may vary, they can take up to 48 hours for changes to take effect…

I got lucky and my domain nameservers updated in less than thirty minutes, and my SQL users and databases seem to updated almost instantly…