How long until * works?


I just signed up a matter of hours ago. How long will it be before my domain works? It currently doesn’t even appear to have a DNS entry.


that souds pretty cool.
Where can i reed more about that?

You need to create a Fully Hosted Domain in the panel.

DreamHost customers can piggyback onto the domain for free. Follow the same procedure of hosting “” by going to the Control Panel, then Domains -> Manage Domains. At the bottom is a Create New Domain (or Sub-Domain). On the next page, use the top box for a fully hosted domain, calling it, owned by your user, then submit the form. You’ll get a directory in your home directory, which you can fill, then wait for DNS to propagate.



Somewhere in the wiki it said we can just setup a dreamhosters sub-domain that mirrors our regular domain. That makes more sense if we are using dreamhosters to see our site while we wait for the DNS to propogate. I set my dreamhosters up over an hour ago. It said it would take 30-60 minutes but now I’m sort of giving up.