How long to wait for support? / Comcast email issue


I submitted a ticket 6 days ago and never heard back. Now what do I do?

The ticket submitted was regarding Comcast rejecting emails from homiemail-sub3. I got it unblocked via Comcasts automated unblocking thingy, and it worked, but about 5 days later it was blocked again. What to do?



Using the ALL CAPS choice with the ticket submission might help gain someone’s attention.

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If memory serves me correctly, Comcast are known to be a bit of a pain when it comes to shared hosts and email blocking - most probably due to spammers signing up at all the cheap webhosts for the sole purpose of abusing the email system. Spammers suck!


The solution is to notify both DreamHost and, again, Comcast. This is an area where they need to work together. You may also want to call Comcast and talk with them about this. You’re their customer, and that carries a bit of authority.


You’ve never called Comcast have you?


I use Cox. But I know they are all generally clueless. You have to demand to speak to a higher level of support, or call the corporate office and ask for a VP of customer relations. They do answer, usually, at these companies.


That was the point… and at Comcast getting past the front line is difficult.

I did however use a back door and actually recently learned:


good luck with that. op could call in and speak with tech support (not regular customer service…this is not even within their scope of support). they would look into it but ultimately the server will probably keep being banned as the needs of the many (who don’t want to be hit with spam e-mails) outweigh the needs of the few who may be having an issue. long story short, if you have mission critical e-mail needs do not use e-mail servers provided by shared web hosting accounts. go with a host who specializes in e-mail services only.


lmao! I think that applies to every Support Desk at every business :smiley:


Comcast is particularly bad. Comcast is literally my only option for fast internet, or I would leave them in a heart beat. (rural area… too far from the telco switch for decent DSL, terrain makes wireless options bad, and the satellite option is decent but has ridiculous latency) Anytime I have ever had to call Comcast through normal channels they won’t let me thru to level 2 or beyond until i have participated with them and gone thru their script of things… “reset the modem”, “open control panel… check this check that”, “restart your computer”, “plug your computer directly into the modem and restart it again”. They have had me go thru this stuff when it’s obvious the problem is upstream or network related, if an outage hasn’t been declared in the area, their position is the user messed something up on their end, or has malware that is causing the problem. AND this is all after sitting in the hold queue for awhile waiting to speak to a human.

I’ve had level 2 and 3 techs agree with me before that Comcast should come up with a way to classify customers so that some of us can bypass level 1, but it’s never happened.

FWIW, the best way to get someones attention without sitting through the hold for human, then level one “it’s your problem” phase is to post on even that can be sketchy and problem prone, but if you include enough relative details of what’s broke it does get their attention.


I’m being affected by this issue with announce list messages. I’ve created the email account for the announce list and set the “Remove Bad Addresses” setting to “Never”. I’m getting some bounce messages from other domains but nothing from Comcast. I’ve verified with a few of my Comcast users that they’re not landing in their spam folders. Any ideas as to where these messages might be?


Seems that the Announce List ought to be less susceptible to this, since DreamHost mandates that there be proper opt-in setups for those lists. That should make those lists less of a possible spam generator.


I’m experiencing just the opposite. I sent an affected Comcast user a test email from the Dreamhost account associated with the Announce List via SquirrelMail and she got it just fine. She hasn’t, however, received any Announce List messages since Feb. 2nd.


I just had what I hope will prove to be a productive chat session with a Comcast technician. Here’s the transcript:

Problem: I’m an administrator of a subscription notification email service and it appears Comcast is blocking emails sent from our assigned IP address. It is ( Are you blocking that IP?
Priscilla > Hello Gerry, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Priscilla. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Priscilla > Thank you for this great opportunity for me to extend the many wonderful things from Comcast. I hope you haven’t waited so long to be assisted.
Gerry > My Issue: I’m an administrator of a subscription notification email service and it appears Comcast is blocking emails sent from our assigned IP address. It is ( Are you blocking that IP?
Priscilla > I hope your day is going well Gerry.
Gerry > Thank you. You too.
Priscilla > Good to know that. Yes, it’s a good day. Thanks!
Priscilla > I understand that you have an issue with sending emails to Comcast server, is that correct?
Gerry > Yes
Priscilla > Can I ask the message that you get when trying to send an email to Comcast Subscribers?
Gerry > That’s the frustrating part. I don’t get anything returned. I also subscribe to the service just to see what actually arrives and I’ve looked through the past 20 or so emails and all are sent from the same IP so I feel safe in saying that there’s consistency in origination. That’s why I’m wondering if Comcast might be explicitly blocking that IP.
Gerry > I can copy/past a sample header if you like
Priscilla > Okay, are you using an email client for sending those emails?
Gerry > No. I use the Dreamhost “Announce List” application while logged in to their server in my browser.
Gerry > Many other users are receiving the emails without errors. Just Comcast, as far as I know, is an issue.
Priscilla > Okay, since you’re the administrator, kindly fill out this link:
Gerry > I’ll do that. Do you have any idea why I would not be receiving bounce messages?
Priscilla > It could be that the email is sent to Spam folder or there are delays with receiving from Comcast server.
Priscilla > Can I the Comcast email address that you are using?
Gerry > I’ve checked many times with my Comcast users that have reported problems and they are reading their email via webmail and insist that the messages are not in their spam folders.
Gerry > there are several. hang on and i’ll find one.
Priscilla > Alright thank you.
Gerry > Here’s the one who first reported the problem. [deleted]
Gerry > The messages should be coming from [deleted]. She says she hasn’t received any messages from us since Feb. 2nd or 3rd.
Priscilla > Let me check.
Gerry > Okay, thank you.
Priscilla > Alright, there were no messages received since February.
Priscilla > In this case, you really need to fill out that link.
Gerry > I’ll do that. Thank you.
Priscilla > You will receive an email from them on what to do to unblock your IP.
Gerry > Wonderful. Thank you so much for your help.
Priscilla > You’re welcome Gerry.

I filled out the form and will post here any results I get.


I just heard back from one of my users that the messages are getting through to Comcast now. I have yet to receive a response to my form submission but it appears to have had a positive affect. I think I’ll bookmark that form.