How long to setup?

How long, on average, does it take for an account to become active (i.e get validated). I’ve sent over my money via paypal, and my account was created…but I can’t do anything more (i.e add accounts) until I get the confirmation email :-/

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


The couple of times I’ve set up accounts things were running within 24 hours of faxing my confirmation–sometimes a lot less. Do you have to do that if you pay via PayPal?

I also applied via paypal. I sent my money on 09.28.02. My friend who also has dreamhost said that it would take 24 hours… But it’s been four days…? Perhaps something happened and I should e-mail someone or am I just being overly worried???

4 days is way too long. Most of our accounts are setup immediately, and the rest are generally approved within 24 hours. I’d write support at dreamhost dot com about this immediately - even if there’s something that has to be worked out with your payment, support can still go ahead and enable your account so that you can get setup…

Ok, thank you very much.