How long to set up an account?

Hi all! I signed up for a DreamHost account approximately 12 hours ago, but it has still not been activated. I have written to customer support (both as e-mail and as a ticket) but no response. Is this normal? How long do you think is normal to wait for account activation?

Hans-Göran, Sweden

Sometimes it’s quick, sometimes they fall behind. Since you’re outside of the US, I’d probably give them some extra time – not sure if the verification process is different for non-US accounts or not.

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Good Luck. I set mine up 96 hours. Still pending approval. No response to my emails or tickets… great way to start a new host. I thought Dreamhost sounded too good to be true.

I heard from a few that it could take a couple of weeks to get approved. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll find somebody new before then. At least we have a 97 day guarantee here.

I could be wrong, but I doubt they count weekends for setup times. The same can be said about many expensive dedicated server companies, so I wouldn’t hold it against just Dreamhost.

I just accept it as part of the business and like that they do it manually. Companies with instant setups are fraud magnets. Fraud costs money. That cost generally finds its way to the end-user (us).

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Hello again,
actually my account is set up now. It took less than 24 hours, so I think it is pretty OK considering they have to do this manually (but I really don’t understand why they would have to do it manually).

Grats Hgpuke. 24 hours is good if they do it manually. Strange though that I created my account considerably earlier than you and STILL I wait for activation.

I did receive a email to my ticket today. It said- “There has been no payment made to the account. If you were using a
promo code, let us know what it is and we’ll apply the credit to your
account (and then activate it).” Funny. I have no idea what this problem is. I used a promo code that took care of the setup and 1st months fee so my balance started at 0. Saw somebody else mentioned this problem too.

Anyway- grats for quick activation.

Mine took like 5 hours, and I’m in AU. It just varies I think.

I signed up over 24 hours ago as well - still sitting in the ‘pending approval’ state. Guess I’ll have to file a ticket too - I also used a code that meant I paid $0 for setup + 1st month, so maybe I’m running afoul of the same problem another poster had.

Ggoodale- better go ahead and get in touch with support. Something happens when you use promo codes that leave your balance as 0. The system will not recognize your account and you’ll be in limbo. But once support gets in touch with you, don’t expect fast results. My account is still pending… going on a week…

Really irks me that some of us are getting pushed to the back of the line when others are getting activated within hours.

FWIW: It can be a puzzle how long it takes for your domain to be “available”.
Within 60 min of setting up my first account here (with a brand new domain name) I was able to FTP up files to it, view it through browsers, etc.
So then I started setting up MySQL db… And was puzzled that was not reachable to display phpMyAdmin. So I pestered them for support. Then I discovered the could no longer be found.
Overnight: both appeared. Now all works fine. That’s in line with DH predictions of how long it should take.
However: I think people should be warned that you may (at least I did) get a hyper-prompt, brief availability of part of your domain… only then to have it disappear and still have to wait some part of a day for it to be reliably there.
Seems bizarre, but that’s what I experienced.

I’ve been with Dreamhost for 3 years and my domains were ALWAYS set up within 24 hours. How fast it propogates across the net depends on where you are. I know I could see domains at work a full 12 hours before I could see them at home, just 20 min across town.

I don’t think they set up domains manually. If you aren’t set up still, there’s another problem (ie, the promo code).

I’ve been with three other hosts and Dreamhost has been the best, though they are experiencing some growing pains.

I just noticed that some are talking about domain names–not accounts.

Accounts: Are manually approved and time seems to vary based on backlog, weekdays vs. weekends/holidays and possibly what country you’re from or how you pay.

Domains: Aren’t manually approved and have nothing to do with account activation. If you register and add a new domain, how long it takes to show up seems to vary from instantly to 3 days. Things might move a little slower at some registrars, depending on where you register them/transfer them from.

The only time there would be a connection between the two, of course, would be your first/free domain that comes with the account that isn’t activated yet.

Just making sure that people aren’t worried that if it takes DH 3 days to approve the account, that it will also take 3 days for any added domains to show up.

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