How long to get response from support?

I recently moved from a long-time ISP with stellar customer service. I knew that Dreamhost wouldn’t be able to match their speed and responsiveness. But I’ve had an open ticket for 24 hours with no response or acknowledgement. Is this common?

It seems to be better these days to use the live chat option in the panel.

Ticket times depend a lot on the issue and how you set the self stated priority dropbox when the ticket was created. They used to answer tickets normally within 24 hours, sometimes much faster depending on the issue. The chat option was usually turned off most of the time then. Now that chat is always on, it seems ticket times have suffered (based on posts to this forum evaluated on a loose basis and informally)

I personally prefer tickets to live chat, my thoughts are better organized in a ticket. I suppose one could open a ticket then go to live chat and ask about the contents of the ticket.

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting us for support. I apologize for the delay in response and any frustration. We strive to answer all support tickets within our 24 hour guarantee. I have escalated your ticket over to a support manager and they are investigating your issue accessing the junk mail folder. They will update you as soon as they have a solution, your patience as they do so is greatly appreciated.

Matt C