How long to activate account



I just signed up yesterday and would like to start uploading my content, etc before I move over DNS. How long does it take for my account to become active? It still says Pending on the WebPanel and I can’t do anything.



It depends largely on your method of payment and your contact details. Because of past difficulties, DreamHost has a particularly sensitive fraud detection system that will flag any sign-ups that look even remotely suspicious. Presumably, the flagged sign-ups are reviewed by DreamHost staff before being approved or rejected. There have been stories of this approval taking as much as a week.

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Hmm. I paid via google checkout. You’d think that would go fairly quickly. Is there any way to contact them to speed things along? I really need to get off my current host.


Not really. Have you received a confirmation email that includes any server information?

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I have not. I have only received the Google Checkout receipt that comes from Dreamhost.


You’ll have to sit tight for a day or two then.

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Sounds good! Thanks!


Ok. This is starting to get ridiculous. They have charged my credit card and yet my account is still “pending”. I have tried emailing support twice and have yet to hear back from them. Is this typical!?!?


It is rather unusual for it to have taken this long. It is possible that it is taking extra time because we are just coming out of a weekend, and it is still Monday morning in Los Angeles. There are additional instructions for pending accounts, but your difficulties seem to exceed those mentioned. If you have not received any form of email from DreamHost (and your payment has gone through), is it possible that you mistyped your email address during the sign-up process?

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Keep contact the support. From some I heard that it may take a week.

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I paid them via paypal and it took 10 days for them to approve. They take time for payments via paypal. May be this would be the same with google checkout. send them a mail and they are very prompt in replying. You need to mail them again if your problem is not solved.

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