How long is "limited"?

How long will this limited plan last? I’m considering signing up but I won’t be able to until after Monday, so this limited plan isn’t going to end in the next day or so, right (I don’t know how long its been up…)? Thank you.

Well it’s limited, as long as they don’t have an other sale :smiley:

Since I joined 2 months ago, they had 3 “sales” in a row.

I asked them if the price would come back later, because I needed to wait 2 weeks after the current sale. They told me they can’t guarantee it will still be active, but if he would have to bet, he told me yes.

So the sale “should” be here when you will sign up.

Well, I signed up for the “limited sale” of Crazy Domain Insane back in January and it haven’t changed a bit since then, so I really don’t think the “Super Sale: All TRIPLED” will vanish now. :wink: