How long i need to wait for a new count

hi im a new costumer my name is #287173 “guillermo’s Account” and they said is pending. someone can help me

how long i need to wait to use the hosting and domain

It varies, and depends upon many factors.


It usually can take 3-4 days to process, from my understanding. Anything beyond that and you can file a support ticket in your control panel. Though I’d give it until Monday if you just requested an account today, due to the weekend/holiday and all :slight_smile:

Hi Guillermo, welcome to DreamHost (almost) :slight_smile:

The fact that you posted your account number etc. indicates that you may not be aware that this is primarily a customer to customer support forum. Some DreamHost folks do post here on a semi regular basis, but it is not the best avenue for ‘when will my account be approved’ type queries. As others have suggested, lodging a support request via the Contact Support section of the panel is your best option in such cases.

Having said this, my own experience suggests that account approval times tend to vary from almost instant, to a few days, no-one outside of DreamHost is exactly sure why the approval times vary so much. Although, a DreamHost representative has stated on these forums that it can take a few days for Google Checkout to notify DreamHost of payments, so if you payed using this method, this could be a factor.

Anyway, welcome again to DreamHost, I hope it doesn’t take too long for your account to be approved.


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as they mentioned, it varies.

If you have waited more than 4 days, I’ll suggest you to send a ticket to DH support via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support

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If you send a fax, the account is valid within a few opening hours

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I’ll still suggest them to send a fax only if DH askes to do so.

First, it is not necessary to send a fax. DH askes for it only when they feel it could be a fraud.

Seond, it could be more than a few hours to get activated after the fax is sent. For example, I waited for 2 days and got it approved after I sent a ticket. Maybe I was unlucky :frowning:

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Third - Sending a fax could confuse them and even slow things down.

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