How long for "www.*" subdomain to become active?

I was just curious. I changed my nameservers to Dreamhost’s last night (ns1.dreamhost, ns2, n3). Around 10AM this morning the domain starting resolving, as well as and, but is still not resolving to anywhere.

So is it normal for a subdomain not to resolve like that? while the other ones are totally normal? should have resolved about the same time as the rest, if not before. You should contact DH support.

www started resolving at work a few hours after my post yesterday.

At home last night, neither www or mydomain resolved.

This morning mydomain resolves at home, but www still doesn’t.

It’s probably a dns thing. I’ll give it another day to see www resolves at home, which I’m guessing it will. If not, then I guess I’ll contact support (or maybe Comcast support).