How long for the DNS update?

I opened an account on the 4th, and uploaded files. I mirrored the domain to a subdomain of

I can access my site from but not and it has been this way since I registered the account/domain. Yes Aquaman is my server. So I’m curious, when will it show up at Also, I’m using gmail for the email service, and I cant send the account any email, but I can get email from that account (I assume it’s the DNS thing). Any info on how long it takes and when I should see some change?

Have you updated your DNS settings with whomever you registered your domain ? If you did it can take up to 48 hours to update DNS record throught other DNS servers.

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I’ve seen as long as 5 days. What’s the URL?


I registered with DH. its swopehouse com

Something looks broken. WHOIS info is valid, but it doesn’t even look to be listed in DreamHost’s DNS servers.

If it’s listed properly in the panel under Domains -> Manage Domains as a mirror (or anything else), submit a Support Ticket.


Everything looks normal (afaik). Support ticket sent.

“Registered (No website)”.

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Interesting. So I do I get the internet to know there is a website? ie what direction should I go to get my site up and running?

Have you heard back from Support yet? They’re the ones who can get this started.


Not yet. I’m assuming they have their hands full, so I’ll wait a little. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

They fixed it.

“It looks like our nameservers weren’t properly updating with your DNS information. I’ve gone ahead and pushed this through, as you can verify below:”

It seems to work now. Thanks everyone who responded (and the DH person who fixed it).

Huh, I’m just now remembering that we now have the option to force a DNS update. Domains -> Manage Domains -> Click DNS for your Domain, then the Go button near the top for a Refresh. I wonder if that would have fixed it.