How long for support?

I signed up and immediately had a problem, as a one-click product does not work. I submitted a “trouble ticket” nearly 4 hours ago and have heard nothing. Is this normal for this service?

Thank you.

Yes, slow response times are normal. Usually I get a response in 2-5 hours (not that I submit all that often). However, it is my opinion that it is worth the wait. When you get a reaply from support it is helpful and informative. Other’s may diagree with me, but that’s been my expirence over the last year here.


Lately it’s been taking close to the 24 hour mark (and sometimes more) for me to hear back, and a number of my support requests have been closed by DH without response.

That said, the problem usually resolves itself before they get back to me about it – site down, etc. stuff especially.

I am also worried, I was finally able to add the domain and now I can’t add an e-mail account without major errors. I hope this is not the normal situation here as it is not a bad deal. and I want to park at 3 domains here.

Getting errors when you’re trying to do basic stuff isn’t normal, I think it’s safe to say. It’s never happened to me, and I’ve been here 2.5 years.

So hope that’s encouraging. :slight_smile: