How long for new accounts to get processed?

I had signed up and paid for a new account yesterday around 9:20am PDT and the account is still in pending state. How long does it normally take for accounts to be processed and activated?

Usually within the business day if they have all requiered informations.

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It depends on many factors, including method of payment and nationality.

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When I payed by paypal it was active almost straight away. The domain was working within hours too. This was a sunday so I don’t think there should be any problem with signing up out of office hours.

Has the payment actually cleared? If so contact support to enquire.

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we are not able to tell you exactly how long it takes. But from what we experienced, it will be approved faster if you pay using Google Checkout and PayPal.

Some people get their accounts activated within one day.

Howerver, it really depends. If DH detects credit card fraud from somebody in your region, DH may take more time to active your account.

If you paid using Google Checkout or PayPal and your account is still pending for too long, you can always log into DH panel and contact support via support --> contact support

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I paid with a credit card, was approved immediately, and got activated within minutes.

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I’ve paid from google checkout and there’s no problem with that. But my account is still in pending state :frowning:

I did mine with google checkout and paid on I think a thursday. Like 30 seconds after payment I got an email saying here’s your logins and within like an hour my domain was working. So I think it may be bad luck or like they said you may be slower because of your area.

Poor me… cannot migrate to a dream server yet :frowning:

How come ? Google has acknowledge my payment ?

when did you make the payment? If you have waited too long, you can send a “reminder” to DH support via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support. They will usually check and activate your account.

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Last Night,

Ok… will try to do that :slight_smile:



I seem to recall someone in another thread saying that when using Google Checkout it can sometimes take a few days for your payment to arrive at DreamHost.

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Pretty lame. It’s been over 2 business days since payment was sent via Google Checkout and the account is still in pending state. Contacted support a few times and the tickets have been bounced around with no resolution.

It is not really true. I paid my account using Google Checkout and got it activated in half day.

In my mind, DH always prefers Google Checkout.

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I was just repeating information from this thread where shonky said:

I am aware that DreamHost fraud detection will sometimes not allow credit card payments but will allow Google Checkout. This is presumably because Google Checkout is doing its own fraud detection and will restrict payment based on some other criteria that only Google Checkout knows about.

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Hi all,
I paid via google checkout using a credit card and it took quite a few days (more than 3) for my account to come out of pending and have the DNS set up. After reading through the forums it was suggested that I submit an emergency support ticket. I don’t know if that forced them to look at my account or if by coincidence it was just getting finished but I was up and running within a couple of hours.


I’m active now after 2 days, it’s maybe regional difference.

Thanks Dreamhost. Seems the features are ok.



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I’ve been waiting for more than 2 days and when I sent complain emails, the support team replied very kindly but my account is still pending.
Dino, where are you staying and how long did it take you to get it activated?
I stay in Singapore, maybe that’s why?

I’m from Singapore, too.

But my account is activated in the same day after I paid using Google Checkout.

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I signed up and paid for a new account on May 29, seven business days later my account is still pending. I have a deadline for my website to be live this Friday(in two days). I sent like 10 e-mails to Dreamhost and Google. It drives me completely insane that there is no way of communicating with this people using a telephone. The money has being withdrawn from my bank account immediately yet I have to wait a week or who knows how long to be able to use the service. I dont know what to do anymore, any suggestions?