How long for MySQL phpMyAdmin to be available?

About three hours ago I have added my domain to the server and created the dbase, yet when I click on phpmyadmin in the dbase admin screen the resulting link leads to nothing at all at my dbase hostname:

How long before phpmyadmin becomes available?

Generally it should be pretty much instant. You might want to delete it and re-add it, and if it still doesn’t work contact support… their could be a bug. I have created and deleted several and have never had them not show up within a couple of minutes tops!

As rlparker suggested in this thread:

[quote]you might try browsing to:

instead of just If DNS is the issue, this should still let you into PhpMyAdmin until you can re-generate the hostname.[/quote]
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Generally, in my experience you are correct, though it can take from a “few” to “several” minutes for the DNS to make phpMyAdmin available that way.

The time can vary depending upon how/whern the DH systems generates the DNS update (batches, queues, etc.).

In the meantime (while waiting for DNS to make you hostname available via a browser), as lensman points out, there is a way to “get at it” directly without using the newly created hostname (assuming, of course, you have already created the database and all). :wink: