How Long for Let's Encrypt Activation


I’m a bit of a newbie at all this, but I thought I’d ask here before going too insane. Namely, this morning I followed the instructions to add a Let’s Encrypt cert to a domain. Everything seemed to go okay and I even got an email about my new cert and all that said:

[quote]Hello! We have your Let’s Encrypt certificate for!

We will be installing it on your site in a few minutes.

That was 11 hours ago. My site currently seems to have some weird self-signed cert that Chrome really does not like. If I go to, say, (my site is pretty much Mediawiki), it works. If I go to I get the robot-sleeping-page-not-found page.

Is there some extra step I need to do? Perhaps because my site is essentially a Mediawiki? My index.html is just a REFRESH to the wiki. And if I look the directories, there is nothing new at all. No new files or anything.

Thanks for any help,

Do you have anything exotic going on in your .htaccess file in website’s root directory? I had a site that had some rewrite rules that were put in place to limit access to only our external IP. Once I removed those rewrite rules my Let’s Encrypt certificate was installed right away.

My .htaccess file was blank. In the end, I contacted support and they said there was a “glitch” that caused an issue. They waved a wand or whatever and in a couple more hours, I had the SSL cert. shrug