How long for DNS to propogate?

I’m certainly not a newbie to the 'net, so I do understand that it can take a couple days for DNS to propogate for a new domain, but what I ran into last night and this morning seems strange.

Last night, I registered a new domain name,, through I set the DNS servers for the domain to point to the three standard Dreamhost DNS servers. After about 15 minutes, I was able to access the site without issue. I created a database, loaded Joomla, configured everything, added content, and basically completed the site work within a couple hours. The entire time, I could access the domain without issue. Now, this morning, both at home and at work, I cannot access the site. It fails a DNS lookup. I know this is probably just a propogation issue, so I’m not concerned, but it strikes me as odd that I would have complete access last night, but none this morning.

The 'net can be a strange thing…

-Jim Barr

I am seeing just fine now - 9:30 am EDT.

It may be a problem with your ISP not seeing the DNS. I had that happen several times with my former ISP. Try to see if yours is the only site you can’t see, the confirmation is if you can connect using the numerical address (if you know it) and can’t with the domain name.