How long for a new account to take?

I just registered with dreamhost about an hour ago, and i’ve gotten my acceptance email, and i’ve even successfully logged into my FTP account through SSH. I’ve uploaded my files and done everything else I need to do, yet when I hit my subdomain at, I’m still getting a “server not found” error. Any idea how long I’ve got to wait for things to “take”?

It’s not the fact that it’s a new account; you always have to wait a while before new domains and subdomains are accessible. I’d give it a few more hours.

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alright. thanks for the reply. i’ll give it a few more hours like you suggested.

Did you create a new domain/subdomain through the control panel?

By default, they just give you a user account. If you want a dreamhosters subdomain, you’ll need to go to, then to Manage Domains, and Create a New Domain. Make sure it’s fully hosted, and named (or any other subdomain name of your choice).


Hi Jewels

I have waited for more than 9 hours since I created my subdomain. Usually how long do I have to wait before my subdomain is accessible?

i have the same problem, i been waiting for more than 12 hours

usually 10-60mnt (including add more user, mail, and other stuff)
so yeah… just wait little bit more :wink: