How long does it take to set up account?

Hi, I am new to DreamHost and I have just purchased a one year hosting :frowning: But it is been more than one day already and my account still in pending mode. I can’t wait till my account is ready. It says wait for one business day…does that mean I will have to wait till Monday? Since my hosting was purchased on Friday 3pm.
Thanks a lot!

The time for account approval does vary quite a bit, many accounts are approved instantly, while others can take a few days. The exact reason for the variation is something that only DreamHost could tell you.

When your account is approved you will receive an email with log-in details etc. as well as an email confirming your domain registration, if you took advantage of the ‘free’ domain registration during sign-up.

About the only thing I can suggest is that you sit tight and wait for the emails. I know it’s frustrating, but it’s worth the wait. :slight_smile:


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[quote]does that mean I will have to wait till Monday?


Monday is a holiday in many places, so you might have to wait until Tuesday. In the unlikely event DH also closes for “Ford” day on Tuesday, it could be until Wednesday.

Happy New Year!

They need more support help.
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Sometimes it depends on how you made the payment. If you pay using paypal, usually it should be activated within 2 days. If not, send them an URGENT email in your control panel --> support --> contact support.

If you paid using credit card, you have to fax the authorization form to DH to activate your account. Hopefully they will activate your account in 2 days after they receive the form.

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Don’t know if it is of any comfort to you, but I am on the same boat as you.

I have subscribed the L1 plan for 2 years on the 29th of December (via PayPal) and am awaiting for account approval. I have contacted the costumer support regarding the payment and they confirmed everything was fine.

It seams it’s just standard procedure.

I believe DreamHost no longer requires a faxed credit-card rubbing for accounts that are not instantly approved. A new system has been implemented.


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I signed up a new plan recently using paypal. It was approved in 3 days with an email reminder :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is worth noting that weekends and holiday periods may also be the cause of delays.

Best to just have patience and wait for the confirmation email, as I said, it is worth the wait. :slight_smile:


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This is the same situation I had, I applied on a Friday and the account wasn’t approved till the following Monday, don’t be too fussed about it.

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[quote]< Still don’t have any replies yet. I guess really need to wait till Tuesday just like anonymous2 said.

Anyway, thanks all for your replies! :smiley: really appreciate it :smiley:

It could be delayed during holidays. I strongly recommend you to use “contact support” in your DH panel. mark the mail as “OMG, EXTREMELY CRITICAL EMERGENCY.” They will then bring your case to the front.

Good luck

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Any updates on your side Meanie?

Here I’m still waiting for approval… Which is a bit out of my planed schedule.

The mail issue might be using a good bit of the brain trusts powers…


Still no response yet.
There seem to be mail problem:
Not sure if that affects the registration or no :frowning:
Waiting patiently

I know this is frastrating. But I had the same problem. I waited for more than one week to really start to use my account.

follow my suggestions, log into DH panel with your email address and password and then go to Support --> contact support. Send them an email and state the email as “OMG, EXTREMELY CRITICAL EMERGENCY”

I tried it and they replied very fast. Of course, do this only when we can’t wait any more.

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Hello nathan823,
I have sent a support ticket. It is almost a week =/ The waiting time is pretty bad as I didn’t expect to wait so long to get my account set up. So I did what you suggested. Hope I will get response soon.
Thank you =)

Good luck. The emergency email will work.

It took two weeks to activate my first account which is really really long… I also need to fax the authorization form at that time. T_T

If you have other questions, try the forum. Some expert (they are also customers) are very friendly and will answer your questions much much faster than DH support team.

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I signed up on the 2nd and my account was “pending approval” until this morning when I got an email saying that it was activated, except now when I log into the panel I can’t do anything and it says, “Account Disabled”.

Is this normal?

no that is not normal, send an email to support using the web panel, they will fix it for you.

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O_o I never knew you have to fax authorization form >.<
Anyways, thank you for your suggestion, my account is activated now! :smiley:
The representative that sent the email said my account was supposed to be activated automatically but weren’t. Though it is activated now!
Thanks a lot!!