How long does it take to register a domain?

Four hours ago I bought a new domain through the control panel. I paid by PayPal. So far I’ve heard nothing, and the registration page says my chosen domain is still available to buy. Is this normal?

More details:
I’ve had two domains on DreamHost for a few months, so I’m not totally new any more. Regarding the new domain, I checked the PayPal site and the money went to DreamHost, but the last stage of the transaction is still uncleared (it’s direct debit from my account, so what is there to clear??). I often use PayPal on eBay with no problems (for buying anyeay. selling is a diferent story). I’m begining to wonder if I just imagined buying the new domain…

Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed light on this.

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With paypal DD can take a bit of time to transfer between your account and paypal, if this is the case the payment will take time to get cleared.

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OK, I just did some research and now realize that this is a PayPal question, not a DreamHost question. But this seems like a good time to rant. My PayPal account is attached to a debit card, the same one that Amazon and others use for instant payments. But PayPal say it will take 7-10 days before the money will transfer. SEVEN TO TEN DAYS!! To put this in context, my first choice of domain name was available, but was then bought by someone else within five minutes. Looks like I’ll have to start posting at again…

That does suck.

BUT - it might not be all bad. DH (assuming you used DH) may have reserved the domain for you as part of the processing. Thus it might not be available now as it is being processed for you.

Check with DH support before blaming anyone.

But if someone sniped your domain that sucks. It’s like stealing your girlfriend. at your wedding.

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