How long does it take to process refunds?

I did the refund last night, and that Dreamhost bot says we have refunded the money, but when I check my bank online and by phone it says that I have the same old balance and doesn’t show me getting a refund.

I sent a support ticket last night to Dreamhost and it still isn’t answered…

I doubt you’ll get a definitive answer on this question in these forums, as most here are current DreamHost customers and have not gone through the refund process.

Having said this; If you only obtained the refund last night, it is highly likely that the payment is still making it’s way through the banking system, given the fact that this took place on a weekend.


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It’s a weekend…most banks don’t process Saturday evening or on Sunday…


In most cases with refunds (or any electronic deposits) it depends on the bank. It takes 1-3 business days for most banks to get these things showing.

I think the persons who replied your post have gone through the refund process as mark mentioned. Same for me.

It is very safe and quite straight for the refund process. As DH guaranteed, they will refund you the money if you are not happy here with 97 days. Just you need to wait for few business days to receive the money.

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