How long does it take to get set up?

Like others, I have been “awaiting approval” for more than 24 hours. I asked for help through the web support form and no answer. Dreamhost was my top choice but now I’m concerned. Is this experience typical?

By the way, my user name is omaxwell and email is Don’t know why the system is defaulting to Anonymous.

G’day, omaxwell. I hope you are not still waiting! Over a year ago when I signed up for DH hosting, nothing happened for days until I sent DH an email requesting an update.
All the best,

Maybe they’re just backed up. I just signed up for another account, which is also past the 24 hour mark and still pending.

I think the first one I signed up for (over 2 years ago) was setup within a few hours.

I wouldn’t worry about it, though – they’re great to deal with.

Strange, I got my account setup 2 days ago. I signed up for a virtual host mid morning, by afternoon everything was setup. Next day DNS propegated, all was fine.