How long does it take to connect with my domain name?

Im setting up my wordpress, its a firs day about 10 hours from the start of registration. I wonder if my domain name is ready to operate and how to check it. I want to know because the does not work yet. When I enter it bring me to account. Thank you

It can take up to 24 hours. Sometimes less than 12 hours, if you’re lucky.

From when it starts to count time? Is it from: DreamHost Account Approval Notification? And how to check current status right way, Because when I check
Domains/manage domains/edit it shows : Fully Hosted (Active). Is there option to mail me when is done?

I`ve use this instruction:

its old but info about DNS nameservers are not ( :
So, now The domain domain name is no longer parked by GoDaddy.
Am I on the right track, anybody short say yes or no?

The time is from when you modify the DNS info at

Judging by your other post about wp-post.php, it looks like your DNS has updated.