How long does it take for DNS to work?


I’ve changed name servers on my domain to DH since yesterday and it did work for a bit last night. But when I check again today it’s showing the under construction page from yahoo domain again. Anyone know how long it usually takes for DNS to work properly? Apparently a whois will show my domain already has correct DH name servers,


It can vary and take up to 2 days. It is normal to initially work but then as ISP nameservers refresh from old caches the old information is used until the new information flushes out the old information! :s



Current TTL (Time to Live) is set to: 1814400 14400.
That’s 2 days TTL with a min of 12 hrs in cache.

So, if the last TTL records were the same, it’ll take between 12 hours to 2 days to propegate.


i had one domain that took 1 hour only to work with dreamhost while another took more then a day.

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Which means 1 domain was not in DNS cache and took 1 hr for DH to setup their side while the other domain WAS in your ISP’s DNS cache and it took more than a day for the cache to clear.


I’m not sure that’s the case – something’s been slow lately.

I’ve been adding hosts to a new domain, and normally I see new DNS records propogate, at least within Dreamhost, within a few minutes.

Lately, it takes forever for Dreamhosts’s DNS to update. Even new records are taking up to a couple days to show up.

For example, I set up a mailing list yesterday, and “” didn’t exist until about 24 hours later. Today I added a MySQL database, and several hours later the new, unique hostname isn’t visible, even from inside Dreamhost.


I added a couple custom DNS records for a domain 2 days ago, which is hosted elsewhere but registered with DH. The domain’s been registered for weeks, but it’s still resolving to the “old” site here and it’s been 2 days since I added those custom dns records.

Do I need to do anything else - e.g. remove it from the hosting plan and/or add any other custom records? I just want people to find the site that I’ve set up elsewhere.


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Just to followup on my own post I asked DH support what’s wrong and it turns out I shouldn’t have added custom DNS records. Instead you need to go to the domains -> registrations sub-panel and add the dns there, if it’s hosted elsewhere. Very confusing panel - they should merge some of these menu items.

The link is here

Now waiting for the usual updating and propagation…

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