How long does it take for a new domain registration to stop pending?

I’ve had my website on dreamhost for the last year, and when I renewed today I decided to also set up a site for my husbands band. Purchased the domain about 40 minutes ago and it’s still in pending status.
The billing charge went through, and when I was finishing everything I got the message that said something about getting an email within 10 minutes about a successful registration.
I haven’t received that email yet, but was wondering if that’s normal and if I should wait a bit before contacting support. I’m very beginner level with this stuff.

On my DH panel, it’s listed as a pending domain registration.


Normally they’re pretty quick, but it looks as though we’re a bit backed up at the moment. That should be resolved shortly, though!

Thank you! I am not a patient person and want to get into wordpress and start designing it!