How long does it take DH to respond to support Q's

How long does it normally take dreamhost to respond to support tickets? I signed up for DH a few days ago, and immediately noticed that fastcgi isn’t working. I submitted a trouble-ticket 3 days ago and haven’t heard anything! My last host always responded within 15 minutes. With dreamhost’s pricing, I expected support to be less than perfect, but 3 days is a long time to not hear anything.

Did you enable FastCGI via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Web Hosting --> Edit?

I agree with you. 3 days is a really long time. Did you contact support via our panel DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support?

How long DH responds to us really depends on the case. They may reply you in hours. If it is a difficult case, you may need to wait longer. But by the time they respond you, they should have already solved your problem.

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  1. When you say “FastCGI isn’t working”, did you try the sample scripts from wiki page on FastCGI to make sure that it’s the setup rather than an issue with your script’s interaction with the way FastCGI is setup at Dreamhost?
  2. Did you enable FastCGI for the site that you’re experiencing the problem and did you report that site in your trouble ticket?

Apologies for the annoying confirming questions, but it’s my nature to try to help with people’s original issues rather than just simply providing the minimal possible answer.

Anyway, to answer your original question: Dreamhost has this slightly annoying policy of not replying to support tickets until the problem is resolved. That is, if you’re asking them a complex question that takes a while for them to figure out, you may not get a response until they fully figure out what’s wrong.

FWIW, I always recommend creating a “test case” that is the simplest possible thing that could possibly work and submitting that to support as a tool to aid them in debugging your issue (or at least proving that it’s a configuration issue rather than my own poor coding skills or misunderstanding of how a feature is supposed to work).

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Yes, FastCGI is enabled for the site, and I have been through the sample scripts on the wiki. I’ve tried both and flup. I’ve tried on two different domains also.

The support guys responded, and apparently my ticket was auto-assigned to someone who was on vacation. Fortunately I submitted a 2nd ticket today and another person got it.

Unfortunately I had a typo in my dispatch.fcgi, so they assumed that was the problem. In fact I had JUST made that typo when I was going through the wiki tutorial (again), and it was not the actual problem. So I submitted another ticket…