How long does a domain restore take?


We ran into some problems the other day with several domains, and after trying to fix them we decided that doing a domain restore that would roll us back at least a few days would be the best thing. The requests were put in several days ago, but it hasn’t gone through yet. How long does it usually take? I don’t want to put in a second request prematurely. (I think I already did on accident on at least one domain, whoops. :/) If they’re unable to restore it, will they notify me?

No sooner do I post this than I realize what happened. I must’ve told them to use the method that does not overwrite the directory, so it’s in a backup one. Making the fixes now, but if anyone still knows how long it takes/took, that’d be handy to know for future reference. (Could’ve been hours, could’ve been days, I can’t tell.)


It’s usually really fast. I just did one as an experiment and my backup showed up in a couple of minutes. I opted to keep my live site as live and restore the backup as domain_TIMESTAMP. This was only about a 32MB folder.