How long can my account be approved, and

I have paid for a plan right now. My username is ‘sammylau’.
How long could my account be approved, and where is the site panel, the same as user panel?


Hi Sammy,

If you have the “L1: Crazy Domain Insane” then you have “Monthly Bandwidth 120 GB” and it “Automatically Increases Weekly By: 1 GB”.

For your acount getting setup you see the following:
"I just signed up and my domain is not up yet! What’s going on?


Hi Sammy,

The time for account approval seems to vary quite a bit. Some accounts are approved automatically, usually within minutes, while others seem to be flagged for manual approval, which can take a day or two.

I am not quite sure what you mean by ‘site panel’, but everything you need to do to the site/domains can usually be achieved either in the panel, via FTP or SSH.


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Thanks you two!
My site is active now!