How Long Am I Expected To Wait Until My Account Gets Approved

Hi 6 hours ago I paid for hosting, the money was taken out of my account and now I am still waiting for “Account Approval”???

I have no email from these guys NOTHING…

Does anyone know where the cancel my order button is because I am not happy, why must I wait you have taken my money now let me have what I paid for please.

There are a few oddities with your signup that we need to check up about before we can approve your account. An account approval representative should be getting in touch with you sometime this morning.

As I have been a victim of serious credit card fraud I no longer have any confidence in banks and any other credit or debit card providers, because of this I use a virtual card supplied by hence the location is different from account holder.

Virtual card I will not be able to complete your form - If your company DID NOT ACCEPT VIRTUAL CARDS IT SHOULD BE IN YOUR T&Cs

I don’t think dream host is suitable for my needs and I wish to cancel my subscription and request a refund.