How is this possible

Hello all,

I am worried. Is Dreamhost too good to be true. Just a simple calculation lets say that they have 10 000 customers at 100 USD per year, that’s 1M income per year GREAT
Now each has 200GB that 2 000 000 GB of storage or 2 000 TB or 2 PB not counting the snapshots.

How is this possible ?

I have the same concern.

It’s more than likely because 99% of users actually use no more than 1% of their disk space or bandwidth.

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Obviously, if all of the over 300,000 domains hosted at Dreamhost were to actually use all that space and all that bandwidth it would not be possible - but the fact is that they don’t .

Give this Dreamhost Blog Posting titled “The Truth About Overselling” a careful read for a little insight about how this works :wink:

I think my sites could exist quite comfortably on the weekly increase that DreamHost adds to my space/bandwidth. :slight_smile:

These days I just consider the plan to be effectively ‘unlimited’ and give no real thought to my sites space or bandwidth usage.


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This is true; but I hope they have invested in significant new capacity because with disk space increased by a factor of 10, DH becomes a viable online backup option.

Granted, I only have about 30GB of data to back up – right now – which is far less than the 200+GB limit on my account, but it’s also much, much more than the 100mb I’ve got on there now.

Just recently, while hanging out on irc://#dreamhost, I observed some traffic about receiving/installing more storage, so I feel pretty confident they are “on top” of it. That said, I’m “pretty sure” they don’t presently have enough storage for everyone to actually use their full quote right now, but that is not going to happen - as you pointed out, it’s just way more space than most really can use immediately.

They have been pretty good about expanding as needed, so I’m not too worried :wink:


Exactly. That is called overselling. Most of the users never use anything close. And fortunately, when you renew (and I hope you renew, I did) you the right fee to help support this great hoster.
Having one ftp account to manage all my domains is a life saver!

Many, many thanks!!!

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Which was the inspiration for my latest suggestion to DH (hasn’t shown up under suggestions yet):

I suggested that they include the actual usage on the left side of the panel, instead of just the 0% or 1% of 9999 GB. Something like “Disk: 0% (200 MB) of 9999 GB” instead.

As it is, you can fluctuate a lot and never see an actual change.

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Which just reinforces how “meaningless” the “limits” have become for many (maybe most?) users - it’s just no longer a concern for most thanks to DH’s latest “upgrades” :slight_smile:


I have been trying my hardest to get my graph to show something other than 0%, looks like my task just got even harder :s

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