How is excessive resource usage tracked?

I am running up against “resource points” limits with my current host. This is happening on very low traffic sites. I think the problem was a relentless crawl by google, and when I blocked the directory it was crawling down, the usage went down by their measurements.

Anyway, I was wondering what people’s experience has been with DH on this front. Can I monitor things for myself, so I can know when I have to optimize things, before they start telling me I’m being pushed to the VPS offering? What type of monitoring do they provide and/or what type of warnings do they give when a site starts getting popular?

I run exclusively wordpress sites, and I’ve begun to use caching plugins along with a CDN to offload traffic.

As a point of reference, using AWstats, a typical site has 100-200 “visits” per day, 500 “pages” per day, and 2000-4000 “hits” per day.

You won’t be told your sites are running high on the resource side until a “consider VPS” email arrives, but DreamHost Shared will easily handle low hit sites - and especially if you use caching such as WP SuperCache.